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Selected Plan Commission Minutes
Planning Commission Minutes
Apr 03, 2017

Town of Hammond Planning, April 3rd, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by Paul Hueg.

All members present except Leon Hawkins.

Approval of agenda.  Miller/Weidling

Minutes from March 6th, 2017 meeting approved. Hawkins/Weidling

Ed Forliti , Thyme Management Rolling Hills Re-Plat

Representing Tyme Management, Ed Forliti presented updated proposed plat for Rolling Hills Development. The proposal is to go from original 77 lots (eight years ago) to 50 lots. There are presently four residents in the development. Issues preventing lot sales is shared well and septic, along with size of existing lots as stated by Ed F.

Tyme/Forliti met with county 3 weeks ago about increasing to1 ½ acre lots, to meet local town requirements lots must average 2 acres (required to re-plat). To re-plat will require development to be taken out of Conservatory Conservation Design (will require DNR release)

Ed F. brought up following points regarding development;

            Conventional development

            Residents want larger lots

                         (2 residents showed interest at initial meeting)

            Separate septic vs shared, Re-perk 4 existing residents

            Do not like joint sewer & well systems

            Ed F. previously has done developments and feels this is required to make Rolling          Hills successful.

            No interest in lots, even priced low, new strategy will increase sales.

Tom Johnson spoke about new plan;

            2 acre plan, will remain natural?

            Tom asked about Natural, no invasive weeds.

            Invasive weeds and trash, weeds on 160th

                Stated does not want more acreage

             Mound issues filters changed once a year. Mound not mowed to insulate to      prevent freezing. Would not freeze with more people using.

            Tom stated Todd (home owner) is concerned about his present location


Pau Hueg spoke in regards;

            Requirement for 2 acre lot average

            No more shared driveways allowed

            Copy of conservation design farmed and maintained.

            Town has enforceability rights Retention ponds

            Will open space be lost?

            Conservation as is or re-plat to 2 acres

            2 acre with ground space. Can include right of way

            Impact fees

            Use county zoning based Right of Ways included in lots?

            Out lots not to be developed, Ed F. explained out lots owned by association.

            West corner detention pond drains to woods by Tom J.

            Concerns with over grown trees.  Town to enforce control of invasive weeds.

            Paul H stated the140 acres granted bonus lots due to conservation;

Greg Olson questioned Ed F.;

            Will driveways be reworked to match new plan and meet town requirements

            Septic, will be able to get required 50 perks?

Paulette Anderson commented;

            Purchases of lots increasing

            Property owners important to board

            Association fees, money used for mowing and resurface of path

Bob & Cindy Campbell commented, discussed and questioned;

            Trails reworked and maintenance. Has been no conservation burns, allows         for farming and wide burn. Bob would like to see burn to clean up

            Bob & Cindy only want to mow ½ acre, the drainage set up for property. How will         the changes effect the existing residents

            Some drain tiled before development.

            Will the lots be wider than deeper.

            Initial piping not installed correct on Campbell’s sewer connection.

            Cindy stated development unique to area


Other comments, discussion and questions;

            Mike Bannie, discussed lot prices for realtor.  Stated septic has issues when         designed for sixteen families. Buyers do not want expense of outer mound          maintained and installed by developer. Also limited by requirement to sell lots       where existing mounds are already installed. Mike developed Farmview Ridge         and Hillside sites.

            Kevin Grabau from St Croix County, counties take on plat. Obstacles easement            language modified or eliminated by court action.   Build type of mounds and            add to it as needed. Mound’s located in green space. Kevin to look at proposal      closer with county.

            Joe Miller questioned if there would be changes to association rules and             covenants and if conservation area designated as green space. Joe M. stated        Conservation agreement is a hurtle for re-plat. Joe mentioned he believes Conservation easement open to public

            Trails and bus stops, people out walking and using.  New plan the Orange is        eliminated trail on new plat EF. No horses will be allowed

Review, closing and final Comments;

            Paul H wants more information and questions answered . Ed F.  he will work with            council and county and look at conservation.  Looking for feedback concerns    from county to answer issues.

            Paul H asked Ed F about covenants. Ed F stated home owners back lots will        consist of Prairie natural type grass. There will be more open space due to less         residents, Maintenance by groups original plan by association

            Ed F stated by retaining trails, open space, more tax payers advantage vs           previous design that is not working, This will be an upscale site Ed F stated there is    a ton of potential marketable property, original owner made mistakes. Not   asking for more lots, wants to make it sellable. Ed F stated they want to work with      what is there, fields and roads. Ed F also stated the development owners want to        keep present owners happy.

            Paul H. stated he wants the development residents input. Paul H believes current          residents are concerned about increasing the size of their lots and cost        associated with the increase. Paul H. questioned extra cost of taxes related to          larger lots and green space.

            Tom J. mentioned escrow 4 of 77 for maintenance not maintaining as needed. Tom J presented copy of Landscape bill for maintenance. Paul H. and Ed F.   discussed a fire department practice burn, will stay in contact with each other.        Tom J. asked if an option to have present resident’s property purchased back if   agreement could not be agreed upon.

            Paul H asked Kevin G. have you been to the specific existing lots to inspect and            determine what would be         added.



Paul H & Ed F discussed coming to full board meeting.  Paul H to add Thyme to Town Board Agenda for April 18th meeting.

 Paul H Requested a county representative  at meeting on April 18th, Paul H also stated Ellen D has all background on development.


Chairman’s report, Paul had no new information to report.



Next meeting will be May 1st, 2017.


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.  Miller/Weidling


Submitted by Greg Olson.






Rolling Hiills residents not in attendance; Todd & Phil
















Meeting attendee’s April 3rd, 2017

Paulette Anderson              Box 483             

Mary Miller                            1576 70th Ave. Roberts, WI 54023

Bob & Cindy Campbell       732 163rd St      

Mike Bannie                          411 Sierra Pl Roberts, WI                  (715)410-1313

Bob Aune                              1751 96th Ave.                                   (715)977-2558

Kevin Grabau                       1101 Carmichael Rd Hudson, Wi   (715)386-4680

Tom Johnson                         1636 75th Hammond, WI                  (715)796-4496

Ed Forliti                                  313 Lindsay Rd.                                 (651)775-7347

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