Dog License

Dog Licensing Information

The Town of Hammond has a dog ordinance; ORDINANCE # 2008-3 DOGS

All residents who own a dog or dogs must abide by this ordinance. The Town of Hammond has an animal control officer; this is who you call if you have to report a missing animal or if you want to report a dog issue. If the animal control officer picks up you dog or is called to your home for any dog issue you will be charged a fee for his service.

Animal Control Officer - Darel Hall
Phone: (715) 377-5141

Dog License

State Law

Wisconsin State Statute 174.05 requires rabies vaccinations and LICENSING of all dogs 5 months of age or older by January 31.

Licensing fees are $5 for a neutered male or spayed female dog, and $10 for an unaltered male or female dog.

Households with more than 3 dogs require Town Board approval and a kennel license. When licensing your dog you must provide current proof of rabies vaccination If you are a renter and need a dog license please provide the home owners name.

Download the Dog License Application