Guidelines for paying your RE Taxes

The Town of Hammond RE Tax bills are typically sent to all residents the first two weeks of December. With your tax bill you will receive a letter from the clerk with her office hours when she will be available to collect taxes. The first half payment is due by January 31 payable to the Town Treasurer, the second half are due by July 31 payable to the County Treasurer. You may pay your taxes by mail or in the Treasurer’s office.

When paying your taxes to the Town Treasurer, please only send ONE CHECK for all payments owed, this could include dog license fee, all RE parcels and personal property. Also please include your tax bills for proper application of payment. Make sure you calculate your totals correctly and the check is written correctly. Please provide a phone number so I can reach you in case of a discrepancy.

Once you have paid your taxes, you will receive a paid receipt from the clerk along with your garbage tickets, dog license and tags if requested.

You can mail your taxes to:
Linda Hawkins – Clerk/Treasurer
PO Box 177
Hammond, WI 54015