Garbage & Recycling

8:00 am – 12:00 pm every Saturday all year
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm every Wednesday from the first Wednesday in May until the last Wednesday in September

Residents can drop off their garbage and recycling behind the Town Hall, 1816 County Road E.

Every household in the Town of Hammond is assessed $60 each year on their RE taxes for the opportunity to use the garbage/recycle center. This allows you to bring 60 bags of garbage, recycling items is free. You will receive your punch card with your RE tax payment receipt, if you need more cards you may purchase them at the dump site.

Miscellaneous Dumpster Fees:

Bath tub $10 Small wooden furniture / chairs $7
Box Springs (each) Mattresses (each)
Twin & Full $5 Single/twin/Full $10
Queen $10 Queen/King $15
Carpet /Padding (per roll)
Roll = 12 inches diameter -8 feet long
$10 Sink/Toilet $5
Construction residue - cubic foot $3 Vacuum Cleaners $3
Couch/arm chair 4 foot or less $10 Wicker Furniture $5
Concrete per cubic foot $15 Windows 36 inches wide or less $3
Doors 36 inches or less $5 Windows 37 inches or wider $5
Doors 37 inches or more $7 Wooden cabinets/dressers 36 inches or less $5
Drywall per sheet $2 Wooden cabinets/dressers 37 inches or more $10
Large plastic items / car seats $8 Wooden fence posts (each) $1
Large wooden items/ dressers $15 Plastic swimming pools/liners $10

Punch card recycle tickets $1 per punch. Items not listed are priced subject to the discretion of the recycle center operator on duty. Prohibited items; Asphalt shingles, Electronic items, items with Freon and batteries.

- GLASS bottles and jars
- ALUMINUM, tin and steel cans and lids
- PLASTICS #1- 2 are accepted at the drop-off site
- PLASTICS #1 - 7 are accepted through curbside collection, bottles, jugs, jars and food tubs (put plastic caps      back on )
- PAPER, flattened cardboard, newspaper and magazines
- NO plastic bags/film (gather separately and bring to your local grocery store, Target or Walmart)

Please visit the St. Croix County's websiter for:

- What to Recycle and how to Recycle right:

- Collection Events for Tire, appliance, Electronics and Hazardous Waste 

A-Z Recycling and Disposal Guide (for items that can't fo in curbside or drop off recycling)

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St. Croix County Resource Management and Recycling
1960 8th Ave., Baldwin, WI 54002
Phone: 715-531-1907